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Bob Brooke, Web designer.I know how hard it is for small business persons to find the time and the expertise to create a professional Web site for themselves. And, today, the Web is where it’s at. So I created BBC Web Services, a Web design service for small businesses and organizations.

Not satisfied with the templates offered by easy-build site programs offered by Web hosts, I began designing Web sites
by starting with my own site, Writing at Its Best, in 2000. Slowly over the next few years, I began to design simple sites
for others. My first was for an author of a little book on a political situation in Puerto Rico which she self-published. I went
on to design another site for that same author, who then started her own publishing company.

As my expertise grew, I began designing more complicated sites, including several informational sites that I still maintain.
I've worked with a variety of individuals and organizations, including an historic house museum, several artists and photographers, fellow authors, and non-profit organizations. I do all my own graphics work as well as the layout and sometimes even writing text for the site.

Web sites are fluid, living things and as I design new ones, older ones go offline for a variety of reasons. Even the sites I
still maintain are constantly changing to keep up with their markets. 

I guarantee that I'll be able to create a dramatic new Web presence for you at a reasonable cost. Of course, more 
extensive site designs cost more but result in a more sophisticated Web presence. I look forward to working with 
you on your site.

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