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Web Site Questionnaire
by Bob Brooke

1. What is the purpose of your site? You won't have that much room, so you want to put forth your best effort.

2. What is the focus of your site?

3. What are your favorite colors? Or what colors and/or background pattern might best fit it online. Come up with definite examples if you can. (Search the Web and note other sites with colors you like.)

4. What will be the title for your site? It must say what the site is about in a few simple wordsĖno more than 5. Think of a title for the site which, just like an article or book title, says what itís about.

5. What will make up the content of the site?

6. You wonít be able to get fancy with fonts--for any visitor to see the exact same font, youíll have to use only Times New Roman and Arial. By using different size fonts and colors, I can get some very professional effects.

7. Since this is going to be your home on the Web, do you want it to be a personal or professional site? There's a difference.

8. What sort of graphics do you plan on using on your site?

9. What sites have you found on the Web that best give you ideas for your site? List the URLs (www... addresses)

10. Itís best to create a brief outline of your site. While you can change the plan as you go, itís best to know where youíre going.

Remember, the following pages are required on your site:

Home Page
About Us Page  
Content Pages  
Resources/Links Page  

Creating Text for Your Site
Set up a separate Word processor file for each of your Web pages. Youíll be able to copy the files and paste them into your pages.

When sending text for your site, please DO NOT send me a draft. Send me your final version. While I expect to make minor changes here and there after the Web pages are prepared, I charge extra to format and insert brand new text. Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges, especially if they require a good deal of formatting. Itís good design to keep text shorter so site visitors can read it faster.

Web site design can be expensive if you donít plan ahead. Iíll try to work within your budget, so please let me know what that might be for your site.

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